Responsible Business

Responsible business practices and policies are at the forefront of our decision-making process. The management of health, safety, environmental and community concerns is an integral part of our day-to-day operations. At EXORI FZC, we are constantly building on our experience and sharpening our expertise to maintain a more responsible business.

At EXORI FZC we strive to earn and maintain a social license to operate internationally. We are dedicated to operating a thorough and methodical approach to risk management. We encourage open dialogue, and ensure full transparency about our various activities.

EXORI FZC distributes potentially hazardous material in large volumes in all corners of the globe. In order to do so, we require the consent of diverse communities in many different countries. By forging connections with local communities and economies, we are able to create value and economic prosperity that is mutually beneficial for all parties.

We believe that there is value in natural resources and that they should act as a catalyst for growth in emerging economies, contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction. Our operations help encourage development in local communities by providing employment, development of existing skills, the building of infrastructure and trade with local suppliers.

It is important to us that we reduce any adverse affects of our own or our partners' activities so as to avoid any human rights violations. We ensure our business operates ethically and complies with national and international laws and regulations. Our activities are codified in our Responsibility Policy, Business Principles and, where appropriate, specified operating expectations.

On an international level, we contribute to the ongoing conversation regarding the impacts of our sector, the territories in which we conduct business, the partnerships we keep and the products and services we deliver. We are engaged and present with all our stakeholders through a materiality assessment process, that clearly identifies various priorities and concerns.

Health and Safety

A safe and healthy working environment is a basic human right. At EXORI FZC, the wellbeing of our employees, suppliers, contractors, partners and the communities in which we operate is of great importance. Our goal is to eliminate operational risks or to reduce them to as low as reasonabllypracticeable in all areas of the supply chain, whether it be with our direct employees or with partners carrying out duties overseas.

We are meeting these commitments through diligent management at both group and operating levels. EXORI FZC constantly strives to strengthen assurance and formalize processes, with a keen focus on skills development and proper risk management.

Environment/Climate Change

At EXORI FZC, we recognize global climate change science, as outlined by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We believe that the global response should pursue two objectives: limiting temperatures in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including universal access to affordable energy.

Energy continues to generate one of our highest production costs. It is therefore important to us that we find ways to improve our own energy efficiency and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We are dedicated to minimizing any adverse impacts our business operations may have on the natural environment. This includes deepening our understanding of climate change and responding accordingly.

Our products are an essential part in enabling modern life and we strive to provide products that are safe for our customers and the environment, keeping in line with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Our approach to product stewardship helps us achieve this.

We have many years of experience in handling and producing materials, along with extensive knowledge of their various properties. In order to ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance, we seek to share this understanding of product stewardship with regulators, partners, customers and stakeholders.