About Us

As a private business, it is of the utmost importance to us that our customers feel valued. We encourage open dialogue in order to fully understand individual requirements, no matter how big or small. Our aim is to cultivate long-term cooperation and partnerships that help our customers thrive within their trade.

Due to our strategically advantageous position, EXORI, in collaboration with reliable producers and carriers, is capable of offering a wide range of services to our globally active clients. We take care of everything from trading of products, organization and logistics of the movement of goods, as well as their interim storage, to financing and execution of transport.

Our company is made up of a team of hard working employees, along with a dynamic network of highly skilled industry professionals. EXORI FZC ensures reliable, responsible and efficient trading of physical commodities. We source products from remote locations and deliver them on time, worldwide. With our access to international logistic assets, including a large fleet of RTCs, freight, transport, storage and blending facilities, we are able to respond effectively to market trends and facilitate even the most demanding mandates.

The various activities of EXORI FZC are technically complex and geographically dispersed. We are responsible for sourcing, storing, blending and delivering combustible and hard-to-handle materials around the world.

We manage operational risks with state of the art equipment, robust systems and talented individuals. We believe in a practical approach to financial risk management in order to gain access in a volatile market. We systematically hedge commodity price risk and minimize company-wide risk concentrations. As innovators, we are not afraid to challenge conventions in the interest of enhancing market efficiencies. We grow liquidity by introducing new counterparties and strengthening connections between suppliers and end-users.

At EXORI FZC, we believe in innovative solutions and continuous improvement. It is important to us that we support producers and invest in proper infrastructure and transportation with the goal of providing value at every stage of the supply chain.