Petrochemical Trading

Over time, we have grown into a global company with in all corners of the world.

As the international petrochemical industry moves to lighter feedstocks, the prospects for global trade in the propylene and the C4/butadiene chains are equally promising.

In the field of marketing petrochemicals on an international scale, we have the expertise and resources to supply the manufacturing industry with the feedstocks and products they require.

Petrochemical trading strengthens EXORI`s presence in the liquified gas products markets, and adds greater scope and dimension to the company's core LPG activities. Furthermore, a presence in the specialized petrochemical gases sector of the market provides additional synergies and employment opportunities for EXORI's significant fleet of RTCs.

We have a strong track record in all the major petrochemical and bulk chemical sectors. Our core businesses remain in bulk liquids and gases. We are also a supplier and buyer of intermediates, biofuels, polymers, feedstock and some fuel components. If you have an enquiry regarding any such products, do not hesistate to contact us. We are happy and willing to help in whatever way we can.